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Advanced UITableView in MvvmCross + Xamarin


I once supposed to implement a view like below It was fairly easy to implement it for Android. Regular 3x MvxRecyclerView + Label on top of each all wrapped in a ScrollView did the thing. <ScrollView android:id="@+id/dayproject_list" android:orientation="vertical" android:paddingTop="?attr/actionBarSize" android:layout_width="match_parent" android:layout_height="match_parent"...

Still using on-premise TFS? You are missing out big time


Company that I have worked for was all way long Microsoft shop. They used TFS as first class citizen. We have been through 2 or 3 updates, which always brought more surprises that we wanted (mainly because of side dependencies). 2 years ago I mentioned that maybe we could go to cloud solution. It was named VSTS back then, (currently Azure DevOps) and basically it’s a cloud version of TFS...

DIY: music player – 8 years later


I like music. Few years ago around (2010) I wanted something to play music from the big speakers in the living room. Using a cord was an option but it was also something that I wanted to avoid. So I did some quick and dirty solution which was a Windows Media Player DLNA streaming to Xbox 360. I proudly demonstrated this to a friend. He commented something along the lines: “So in order to...

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