I am a developer with a 8+ years of commercial experience.
Involved with .NET from the very beginning, but also with some love for open-source.

Pet projects

First steps

I started programming at the age of 15. The goal was to create a game. I started with Turbo Pascal. My first step was buying a compendium style book.

I quickly realised that “graphical” capabilities built into Turbo Pascal were not what I was expecting (16 colors?, slow performance?). At that time I was heavily inspired by the computer scene demos, so I knew that more is definitely possible. I figures that assembler was used in a lot of demo scene projects. So a natural step for me was wrapping my head around assembler. Bought a book on assembler itself and a holy grail at the time assembler graphical effects book. I finally got the tools to move forward. I was coding in assembler for about 2 years. I created a bunch of small graphical effects projects, learned how to handle user input or display a bitmap. Finally the “game” came to life. It was a rights crolling-mouse controlled, fast pace space ship shooting game.
I got a good set of routines so I could write code quicker.
Then I learned the hard way on the importance of backup.
I borrowed my HDD to a friend, and it was the last time I saw my data.
I lost all of my work. It was too much effort to rewrite it, especially because it was all assembler. I figured that I can mix assembler with TurboPascal.
It was now possible to write the same thing but quicker. Also optimisation knowledge from assembler was also working in TP world (addition is faster than multiplication!). Knowledge on how to properly (not the default slow taught by the TP books way) handle user input was also helpful. So a new game came to life. It was a top down view tank shooting game.
After that my studies started, and it meant learning c, c++ some php frameworks, linux, html, Mathematica + other usual studies tech from that time.
My diploma project was written in ASP.NET + Ajax and it landed me my first job as .NET developer and that is how my career started.


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